The BNCVoice Difference 


Why is BNC Better?

We have an excellent understanding of Local Area Networks and how they affect the quality of service for our customers.

 We look at our systems from the inside-out and provide high standards for what we call the “Skeleton” and the “Organs” (Cabling & Equipment).

 We work exceptionally well with IT groups because we understand their business and how to create a better voice and data experience.

 We focus on recommending features first for the “right” system.

 We have a best-in-class 24 hour help desk group that makes a huge difference when you need us.

Our History

Our history starts in 1998, as a national telecommunications company with growing revenues of over $50 million. As early adopters of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, we incorporated and introduced Cloud Hosted PBX services with unlimited and metered pricing models. Since then, we’ve continued to grow to be at the forefront of emerging cloud and LAN technologies including VoIP, HTTPS fax and eFax services, Network Design, Wi-Fi Solutions, Unified Threat Management Solutions, Structured Cabling, and Internet Access sales, installation, and support.

BNCVoice & Data is ideally positioned to deliver and support world-class technology solutions, with industry-leading customer service and care.

The Top 5 Reasons Why People Do Business With BNCVoice & Data:

1. We Take The Stress Out Of Technology Support. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your Phone, WiFi, and Network technologies. That means you call our expert help desk technicians for all voice, WiFi, and LAN needs. This takes the stress out of the core technology that is plugged into your network including Firewalls, Switches, UPS’s, IP phones, and WiFi access points so you can concentrate on growing your business

2. Our Employees Become An Extension Of Your Business. We strive to have a continuous relationship with our customers to ensure adoption of the many promised features associated with newer technologies affecting your business such as Hosted VoIP phone service, WiFi technologies, and LAN security and support. Installation of our services is just the beginning.

3. Our Network Equipment Is Affordable And High Quality.  Our partnerships with Cisco, Meraki, Polycom, Peplink, SonicWall, FaxBack, and Dell ensure that our customers receive the best in security, quality of service, and uptime in the industry. We also have a no money up front leasing option to make it easy for entrance into the Cloud services environment.

4. Our Focus On Security Will Give You Piece-Of-Mind. It is no secret that hackers are aggressively stalking every size of business. It’s no longer a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN you will be attacked. We can systematically protect your investments from these bad influences and create a road map for a secure working environment.

5. We Design, Install, & Support All Aspects Of Your Technology. We are a soup-to-nuts company and we do all of our work with our people. This allows us to control the quality of our installations and support. Our employees are held accountable and strive to produce high quality work as if your company was a part of our company.



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