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Customer Spotlight: Health Search Group

BNC CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Teresa Bierce, Health Search Group

BNCVoice offers a unified communication system that allows interaction using VoIP. Effective interactions between employees and customers is imperative in every business. Teresa Bierce was the chosen customer to give her personal opinion about the VoIP […]

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Go Green With VOIP

Go Green With BNC VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, is a reliable, low cost form of communication technology. Unlike the traditional phone lines, VoIP allows its users to communicate over the internet. Interacting with employees and customers […]

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Get Paid: The BNC Partner Program

Partner with BNCVoice

In the world of information technology marketing and sales can be tricky, especially in the S&M business community. It’s an aspect of our field that is dominated by big brand names that just don’t deliver on service.

Introducing the BNC Referral Program

Everyday we’re excited to see all the sharing and referring of BNCVoice & Data generated by you, our customers and fans. Whether its done online or face-to-face, its been the mainstay of what gets us out of bed and into BNCVoice & Data HQ every morning.

The Advantages Of Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. UC can also be understood as products or services that integrate communication channels in order to optimize all business processes. The ability to […]

The Right VoIP Provider For You

Small to Medium size business’ (SMB) get a lot of solicitation from all industries. When looking for a VoIP provider it can be challenging to pick the right one! BNC knows that as a SMB owner you’ve got a lot riding on your decision (which is so much […]