Whoever came up with the idea of having a “New Year” ought to get an award. Even though it only means we’ve made one successful trip around that big old fireball in the sky (by no effort of our own, I might add), the concept of getting a whole new, fresh’n’clean, unblemished, untarnished, untainted New Year to start over is brilliant. There’s something about the turn of the calendar that allows us to put last year’s failures behind us and drum up a fresh reserve of determination to work harder, smarter, make fewer mistakes, get things done that we’ve been putting off forever and lay out a NEW plan of action on a clean sheet of paper. Ahhh!

But don’t get too comfortable: When the ball drops at midnight, the starting gate opens and you ONLY get 8,760 hours to make it all happen. Make sure you don’t waste a one of ’em. When I was younger, a year seemed like a mighty long time; now, 8,760 hours doesn’t seem like all that much, especially when you consider that at least half of those hours are lost to sleeping, driving, watching TV, shopping, waiting in lines, etc. A recent poll revealed the average person spends over 400 hours a year eating and 89 hours in the bathroom, with the latter number being greatly affected by the former. Add to that several hours lost to texting, tweeting and scrolling Facebook, and you wonder how the hell anything gets done. Therefore, you better have the clearest possible picture of what the finish line looks like for YOU at the end and get BUSY taking massive action toward making it so.

Where you are right now in your business, your life, your income and your financial standing is 100% due to the choices you’ve made —and how this New Year will end up for you will depend 100% on how focused you can stay for the entire ride AND what you choose to get done and what you choose to ignore, procrastinate on, or let fall into disrepair.

HOW to get things done and how to succeed aren’t kept under lock and key and doled out to only a select few. Opportunities are everywhere— and if you truly are in the rare situation where the market you’ve chosen is piss-poor, the competition too heavy, the margins too thin, well, then get the hell out of there! No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to sell what you sell to the people you sell it to. Success in almost every scenario comes down to one thing and one thing only: what YOU DO, not what you say you do or

want to do. Everybody says they want to be thin between forkfuls of food being shoved into their piehole. And everybody wants to make more money yet they wake up every day without making one single effort to drive more sales or more profits in their organization—or even to learn how.

So the New Year has begun and the race is on. You are either DO-ing or DON’T-ing every minute. You are either waking up each day with a CLEAR set of goals and agenda, or wandering throughout the day reacting to everything coming in, giving unimportant distractions the same or MORE importance than marketing and generating sales. If you’re making resolutions, RESOLVE to have greater clarity on why you’re in business: to make money. Any other reason is B.S., including “to help people.” If THAT’S why you’re in business, you’re confused. You don’t have to own a business to do that; just give up your house, all your belongings and move to a third-world country to volunteer your time—but DON’T start a business, for gripes’ sake! I want to help people too, but my primary reason for getting up every day to slay dragons is to make MONEY. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong, greedy or embarrassing about that. Believe it or not, you actually can do both. But if all I was doing was “helping people” and not making a profit, I’d hang this up and go do something else. So should you.