Small to Medium size business’ (SMB) get a lot of solicitation from all industries. When looking for a VoIP provider it can be challenging to pick the right one! BNC knows that as a SMB owner you’ve got a lot riding on your decision (which is so much more than just cost). Its important to choose a vendor that’s reliable, proven, trustworthy and offers technology that accommodates all of your business needs.

This is a guide to help you in the right direction.

See what others have to say

When investigating your options for a VoIP system gauging third-party resources is one of the most crucial steps in the process.

While evaluating the competitors verify the reliability of the sources.

Extensive feedback of each VoIP company and product offering is crucial in the being stages.

Look at the reviews

BNC has found that a great way to jump-start your process is to seek a referral from a trusted colleague! The next step after you’ve analyzed reports is to see what coworkers and your trusted colleagues have to say. While it is always a good way to help sway your decision, take into consideration your companies over all past experiences that is and important factor to look at. Get advice from a trusted IT professional before making your decision. It is possible that you might discover new advantages, disadvantages, features, restrictions, etc. that you hadn’t previously considered.

Have you check your list twice?

By now you should have a narrowed or at least somewhat narrowed down list of VoIP providers based on research and guidance from peers and industry professionals.

Provider Reliability

Demonstrated longevity has proven to deliver the ability to adapt to changing technologies, trends, market forces, economic influences, competition and even internal pressures, like organizational issues or financial challenges.


BNC (unlike many others) strives to accommodate and integrate your CRM, CMS, and other systems with our VoIP phone system. So be sure that the provider you choose offers this capability. Ask the provider for referrals and examples to ensure they can deliver on what your company needs.

Evaluate The Features

Having a strong understanding of the plethora of features the provider offers in a must! Be it futures you currently need or ones that don’t work for you should be a big part of your decision making process. Understand which features are included in the VoIP platform you’re looking at, which are extra, and which aren’t offered (look for the provider that doesn’t charge extra for features).


Be it a close call or bulls-eye I’m sure at this point you have narrowed down the search to a company that is best tailored to your needs. If you’re considering BNCVoice & Data (and we think you should), you can contact your local area sales rep to get a customized quote!

Try It For Yourself

BNC always does a demo for our potential customers to show usability and show you what you pay for. We normally do this on our second face-to-face meeting which is when we usually introduce our proposal. When making your decision, be sure to have this part of your terms.


Make your pick!