1. The first VoIP call
The first VoIP call was made in August of 1974, which carried real time voice over ARPANET. Danny Cohen and others developed the Network Voice Protocol (NVP) in 1973 which was then tested in ’74 by the government.
2. VoIP was not so cheap
When VoIP was fairly new to the market, users had to listen to target advertisements to pay for their call minutes. One minute of adverts gave users one minute of call time, which was very tedious.
3. Organized crimes and streaming video games
According to Author Misha Glenny, who tracks organized crimes, drug cartels are using the online gaming world to launder real money from gaming money, and ordering hits. Not only drug cartels, but other types of international criminals are finding creative ways to get around and abuse the technology laws. Using VoIP for illegal activity is very widespread which makes it hard to police.
4. Celebrity investor
In 2009, celebrity actor Aston Kutcher invested in the internet phone service Skype, when was valued at $2.75. Two years after, the VoIP service which allows customers to make cheap calls internationally and locally, was bought by Microsoft for $8 billion.
5. VoIP Service is not difficult to program
Thanks to Asterisk, creating a VoIP service is easy if you know the basics of coding. In 1999, Mark Spencer decided to code his own telephone system from the ground up, because telephone solutions were expensive. He end up creating Asterisk, the open source that allows programmers with no PBX knowledge to build the system.