BNC CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Teresa Bierce, Health Search Group

BNCVoice offers a unified communication system that allows interaction using VoIP. Effective interactions between employees and customers is imperative in every business. Teresa Bierce was the chosen customer to give her personal opinion about the VoIP system and the BNCVoice provider. Teresa works for Health Search Group, which is a company that finds and recruits the best medical professionals for local healthcare facilities. Simple and affordable communication in this organization is a necessity.

Why did you choose VoIP?

Health Search Group was having problems with the landline phone system they were using. There were too many conflicts with the employees who worked at the landline system and they needed to find something new!

When she learned about VoIP it seemed like the best option. Cheaper prices, simplified management and a much more eco-friendly environment made it easy for Teresa to switch, as she stated, “It was a no-brainer.”

How does VoIP help your business?

VoIP is directly managed by a provider, like BNCVoice, so the system eliminates the middleman. “If there was something wrong I would call BNC right away and it would be fixed,” Teresa stated.  The major communication problems that occurred with landlines do not exist with the VoIP system and the BNCVoice service. Teresa appreciates our model of prioritizing customer service and our dedication to installing the best VoIP system possible. VoIP removes the complications of communicating, making a better work environment for all.

Additional comments?

“BNC is the best in the business, that’s really it.”

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