Go Green With BNC VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, is a reliable, low cost form of communication technology. Unlike the traditional phone lines, VoIP allows its users to communicate over the internet. Interacting with employees and customers is a major factor in making a business successful; VoIP tries to make this process as effortless as possible. Not only does VoIP allow companies to meet business goals and continue to reduce operating costs, but it is extremely eco-friendly!

Reduced Carbon Emissions Through Telecommuting

Unified Communication means that employees can work from home directly, so there is no commute to the office everyday. Eliminating the travel to work reduces the amount of carbon emissions released. In addition, the cost of gas lowers.

Reduced Paper Waste In The Office

By making use of VoIP outside of just phone conversations, the paper waste will lessen dramatically. An example of this is FoIP (faxing system). Faxing a sheet of paper will still allow for the receiver to handle a hard copy in the end, but paper waste will be eliminated on the sender’s end.

Reduced Landfill Waste:

Replacing landlines when they become old or broken, leads to a high cost and landfill waste. Miles of underground wiring coated with unsafe environmental substances, can result in the release of dangerous chemicals in the ground, but they must be present with a landline system. VoIP does not require entire new systems to be installed, and does not have these underground lines, therefore, this system releases fewer chemicals.

Reduce The Amount of Fossil Fuels Burned and Cut Costs

Overall, there is less power needed to run a VoIP phone system than a landline. There is not as much energy needed because the system is powered by the internet, plus the utility bills are lower.

VoIP is affordable, effortless and extremely eco-friendly! BNCVoice understands that going green is an important action that needs to become a strict trend in the environment today. Visit bncvoice.com to learn more about their phone & eFax services today!