Everyday we’re excited to see all the sharing and referring of BNCVoice & Data generated by you, our customers and fans. Whether its done online or face-to-face, its been the mainstay of what gets us out of bed and into BNCVoice & Data HQ every morning.

So to all of you that have been referring us, and all of you that are thinking about it, things just got a whole lot easier and interactive.

You can now Email, Tweet or Facebook your thoughts on BNCVoice to your friends, family, contacts, and even random strangers. If you know they could benefit from a BNCVoice system, you have lots of ways to get them to try it

To access and read more about the BNCVoice referral program, go to www.bncvoice.com/referral 

You’ll get a monthly email letting you know how you did in the past month. And one last thing, if one of your signs up for a paid account you get a credit on your account! So if you’ve been thinking about sharing BNCVoice with your network, go ahead and share away! We’ll continue to do our best every day to do right by you.