How Old Is Your Company’s Phone System? 

     To you, it may seem relatively new, pehaps from the last decade? Basic technology powering the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is found in many American companies. It is entering its fifth decade. Let me put it to you like this, President Nixon used PBX on his red phone… If you understand this reference then that is just how old your phone system could be…

     The world of communications has changed a lot since Nixon was in the white house! It is highly possible that the features your organization needs to improve productivity is not well equipped to handle the surge of new communication abilities. BNC believes its better for you to catch up to the times so you can understand all the wonderful new options!

    We work in an era of VoIP communications (voice over Internet protocol.) What that really means is your calls are being channeled across the IP data network. VoIP has a striking number of business benefits! So we here at BNC decided to share with you 4 reasons for you to strongly consider why you should be using VoIP systems for your business:

  1. No More Stone Aged Business Communication

You see businesses of all sizes are simplifying the management of their voice and data networks by implementing VoIP for voice communications. They do this for superior productivity, cost savings and flexibility.

  1. Helps Your Team Become More Mobile

In todays modern workforce it is becoming more and more mobile. Employees and employers alike need the flexibility to work from anywhere – on the road, in the office, at home, at the coffee shop etc. There has been numerous studies that have shown that only 20% of the white collard work force actually works in the office full time! The benefits using VoIP is that it allows for employees to work remotely (from pretty much anywhere) as if they were at their desk! We offer so many great things that make this possible! Features such as find-me follow-me, voicemail to email, conferencing, and so much more!

  1. And Everyone’s Favorite… COST SAVINGS

VoIP reduces your business costs in a few ways, it frees your business from having to install new phone lines. Our VoIP services provide equipment that hooks directly into your existing broadband network, and our rates are extremely competitive with typical business phone plans. VoIP operates with encrypted VPN connection for an increase in security. You can install VoIP software on mobile devices too, so that your employees are always connected and reachable from a “work” line, even when they’re physically away from the office.

The phone system becomes a service that your IT department can handle, (or us your MSP) which certainly reduces costs and downtime.

  1. Redundancy and Recovery (its built in)

Traditional phone systems aren’t known for their protection against outages. This is disastrous for companies with client-facing operations. VoIP solutions, such as SIP trunking and hosted IP, provide self-service portals and automated geo-redundant fail over in case the primary routes become unavailable. They eliminate single-point–of-failure risks because they’re hosted in the cloud, so phone service will stay up regardless of whether your power went out, the building is on fire, or other service impacting events.

    Our customer-proven VoIP solutions deliver the features and performance your business needs, while appeasing any concerns you may have about a change from the status quo.