Voice Over Internet Protocol offers the latest and greatest development in communication technology. Instead of using traditional phone lines, VoIP users communicate using the Internet. BNC Offers VoIP plans that allow subscribers to make local and long distance calls for an unlimited amount of time while charging one flat fee for service. We also provide our users the opportunity to use a metered product. VoIP does allow users to be on the Internet while talking over the VoIP system. Our plans include extra services, such as Find-Me-Follow-Me, voicemail to email, and push-to-dial, at no additional cost (just to name a few). In order to have a successful VoIP experience, VoIP requires broadband Internet connection (such as fiber, cable modem, DSL or LAN).

When considering whether VoIP might be right for your firm there are many factors that you should examine. The three main factors are cost, features, and reliability, BNCVoice & Data carefully weighs the various factors on a case-by-case basis to assure your firm is provided with the perfectly tailored system.
Cost and Reliability

BNC is aware that having reliable communications technology is paramount to the daily success and productivity to your firm. With VoIP, you get much more bang for your buck! With a 24/hr. helpdesk, a full support team and managed services BNC becomes an extension of your business. When using VoIP you should always use battery backups, that way you can still use your phones in the chance of power outages. A great feature VoIP has to offer is the ability to have Find-Me Follow-Me so your calls get transferred to your cell phone. That’s great for anything time sensitive. Cost savings arise when it comes to VoIP business plans. BNC saves firms just like yours money with both unlimited and metered calling models. International calling is also much cheaper than traditional landline plans. That is if the majority of your international calling is to cell phones, you may not see any savings on international calls by using a VoIP plan.

There is also another area in which business VoIP plans can save you money, if you plan on adding new lines and moving lines around an office, it is as easy as a phone call and BNC does the rest (all you pay for is hardware and shipping).


BNC VoIP phone plans include features such as auto attendant, call forwarding, Find-Me Follow-Me, DND, Music On Hold, Voicemail to Email and call transfer, as well as other services — these services can all help restructure communications and increase your firm’s productivity.


BNC will provide great benefits becoming an extension of your business. With our 24 hour helpdesk and team of technicians by your side we are here to help your firm increase productivity and save you countless hours of unnecessary time that can be better spent running your practice! BNCVoIP will you get the right balance of cost, reliability, and features for your firm’s phone system.
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