Discover the BNC Difference

Maintaining clear communications and excellent customer service within an automobile dealership can be a challenge. With a complex structure and multiple business units, car dealerships have a unique set of demands. With BNCVoice, auto dealers have access to a robust set of advanced features, such as call recording (and reporting), CRM integration, and mobile applications, that gets important information to customers and employees faster and helps to ensure quality customer service at all times. No where else will you get a fully managed  service with a support staff that becomes an extension of your business. Discover the BNC difference today.   


  1. ● PCI Compliance 

  2. ● Mobility 

  3. ● Scalability 

  4. ● Security 

Cloud Based Voice (Hosted VoIP)

  1. ✓Low Cost of Ownership
  2. ✓Fully Managed Services
  3. ✓Advanced telecom features
  4. ✓Mobility solutions
  5. ✓Scalable environment

Advanced Voice Solutions 

  1. ✓Multiple Locations Synergy
  2. ✓Advanced inbound call routing
  3. ✓Flexible feature management 
  4. ✓Mobile App for Smart Phones
  5. ✓Desktop Collaboration (coming soon)

Local Area Network Security 

  1. ✓Structured Cabling
  2. ✓Fully managed firewalls & switches
  3. ✓24 hour network monitoring 
  4. ✓Converged Voice & Data Networks 

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