Communication that Makes a Difference  

BNCVoice provides discounted rates and equipment in order to support eligible nonprofits. The ability to communicate with volunteers and other organizations from remote locations is essential for Non-Profit organizations. At BNCVoice & Data we know all Non-profits need an affordable, easy-to-use technology that enables it to remain in touch with employees both near and far. We provide a VoIP phone system that makes it simple to replace an outdated analog phone system. We help you & your staff quickly realize the benefits of using mobile applications, dedicated conference rooms, and many other benefits far more advanced than an analog system. BNCVoice & Data is much more than a basic phone system for answering calls, it helps connect people, organizations, and causes anywhere, anytime. Here at BNCVoice & Data we offer free consultations as well as discounted rates for Non-Profit Organizations. Contact us today to see how BNCVoice & Data can help your Non-Profit optimize it’s communications! 


  1. ● HIPAA and PCI Compliance  

  2. ● Mobility 

  3. ● Scalability 

  4. ● Security 

Cloud Based Voice (Hosted VoIP)

  1. ✓Discounted Rates on Equipment & Services 
  2. ✓Fully Managed Services
  3. ✓Advanced telecom features
  4. ✓Mobility solutions
  5. ✓Scalable environment

Advanced Voice Solutions 

  1. ✓Multiple Locations Synergy
  2. ✓Advanced inbound call routing
  3. ✓Flexible feature management 
  4. ✓Mobile App for Smart Phones
  5. ✓Desktop Collaboration (coming soon)

Local Area Network Security 

  1. ✓Structured Cabling
  2. ✓Fully managed firewalls & switches
  3. ✓24 hour network monitoring 
  4. ✓Converged Voice & Data Networks 

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