Who is a successful BNCVoice Partner?

Our most successful partners are IT Professionals who support Law, Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and any heavily burdened regulatory compliance Professional Services firms.  BNCVoice’s security and unmatched QoS services are a perfect compliment to their cyber-security regulatory compliance service offerings.

What’s a BNC Partner?  

BNCVoice Lead Partner’s introduce our services and facilitate a meeting between a BNCVoice VoIP Consultant and their business relationships. Our consultants can take it from there or our Lead Partners can stay involved. The amount of time you spend is up to you!

Our Promise

BNCVoice understands the amount of energy it takes to create a new relationship and maintain old ones. We are committed to protecting that relationship. 

The Team

BNCVoice’s team consists of Consultants, Post Sales Support, Customer Operations, and Technical Operations. 

Returning The Favor

BNCVoice VoIP Consultants return the favor by asking as a referral source for our partners which may not have existed. We are committed to protecting that relationship. 

New Revenue Center

BNCVoice’s aggressive compensation creates a revenue center for our Partner’s which previously may not have existed.

Where Do You Fit In? 

We have something for every Partner, including customized programs.

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Four Layers of Success:

1. Trust

Partner with a company who values your relationship with your customers and protects that relationship unconditionally.

2. Integrity

Partner with a company with leadership that has an impeccable reputation for decades of successful fair business practices.

3. Knowledge

Partner with a company that is an expert in voice and data convergence. Combining efforts creates customer longevity and loyalty.

4. Residual Income

Create a residual revenue center for your company. Let BNCVoice compensate you for sharing your hard earned relationships.