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Local Support

National vs Regional

A lot of business owners are looking for a premium VoIP solution and think the big guys like, RingCentral or 8×8 are the holy grail for providing business class VoIP services. Think again…

While the largest VoIP National VoIP providers have a complete UCaaS feature set running off of Broadsoft, they lack the most crucial aspect for EVERY small to medium business owner in the entire country.

Im talking about support and specialization. What do I mean by this?

Support with National VoIP Providers

Plain and simple…

…there is none. For all of you business owners that have ever had an experience with a company such as RingCentral, 8×8 or Vonage you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Remember when you signed up for their VoIP services and everything seemed to be so perfect and then you were informed that no one will be coming onsite to install? Yea, we know. Or how about when something goes wrong with say your internet access provider or a firewall goes bad? Who do you call? Well, not RingCentral that’s for sure.

Any National VoIP provider can sell all the bells and whistles of a enterprise grade VoIP solution but the real question is what happens when something goes wrong? What happens when there is failure from the internet access providers or hardware onsite? What happens when your door intercom or overhead paging stops working?

Who are you going to get to fix the issue?!

National VoIP Provider Cons:

– No Site Survey

No Installation

No Post Installation Network Support

No World Class Helpdesk

No Access to Specialists

Let Your IT Figure It Out (Never Works)

Burdened With Extra Tech Charges From IT To Fix VoIP Issues

And the list goes on…

This is why in the past few years the trend has been to settle down with a regional or local VoIP Provider.

Moving on…

Support with Regional VoIP Providers

There is a reason BNCVoice has had loyal customers for over 10 years. By now you may have guessed what the secret sauce is.

You are correct! World class support and a team of specialists dedicated to everything VoIP.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits to using a regional VoIP Provider.


24/7 World Class Helpdesk Support

Personalized Step-by-Step On-boarding Process

Detailed Site Surveys of All Locations

Management, Programming and Maintenance of All Network Hardware

24/7 Network Monitoring

Details Weekly or Monthly Reporting

On Site Capability in Under an Hour

Better Relationships

Peace of Mind

Industry Experts at Your Fingertips

World Class Phone and Routing Portal Training

Ability to Work with Your IT Group Very Closely

-Among many other things…

The Verdict

As you can see there is a massive difference between the National and Regional VoIP providers. For most small to medium business owners this is a no brainer decision.

The days of the bigger the company the better is proving to just be a flat out myth.

When it comes to business services such as VoIP, you can’t afford to be cut short on support and having access to specialists. The negative effects to your business otherwise can be devastating. No business owner can afford to lose sales or their reputation due to a poorly managed and build VoIP system.

Do yourself a favor and think about both the short and long terms effects of using a national and regional VoIP provider. We are confident you will make the right decision.

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