Geo-Redundant VoIP Providers

Geo-Redundant VoIP Providers

There are a ton of VoIP Providers in the world nowadays and it can be extremely hard for a business owner to make the right decision on which provider to choose.

VoIP technology has come a very long way in the past 10 years and keeps getting more reliable and feature rich by the year. Or is it?…

The answer is yes but the reality is not all VoIP technology is created equal and not all VoIP providers can deliver what they promise.

I have personally been in the hosted VoIP arena for the better part of a decade. Starting out as a basic help desk representative, to senior engineer, to now VP of Technology. And I have to tell you I have learned a lot about this industry and what it truly takes to be different from the rest of the competition.

There is one particular puzzle piece BNCVoice was missing until 2 years ago. This puzzle piece was geo-redundancy across all of our data centers.

What is geo-redundancy?

“Geo-redundancy will help keep your data safe. Geo redundancy will replicate your data and store this backup data in a separate physical location just in case one site fails. This is extremely valuable if you are running a large scale business. For example, your secondary geographical location, which stores your backup data, will not be affected in the event of a complete regional outage or disaster in your primary location.”


This was always lacking as the BNCVoice backend was originally built on Asterisk.

Asterisk was great and still is great dependent on the size of a business and industry. The reason I say this is because asterisk is not built to scale for more than 1500 endpoints per server. This means if you were planning on having a client with more endpoints then this it can be a real challenge.

All that being said, asterisk is very feature rich and extremely customizable but the main feature that it is not capable of is geo-redundancy. The Broadsoft backbone has the upper hand on the Asterisk backbone as geo-redundancy can be accomplished.

The Broadsoft platform to this day is the most widely used VoIP backbone mostly because it was the first enterprise grade solution for VoIP. But with all of the great features and reliability that comes with Broadsoft, so does does the price.

The hefty price tag drives the SMB (Small Medium Business) community to the wayside leaving us with solutions such as Asterisk.

What if I told you that those days are over?…

The days of Broadsoft dominating the VoIP industry now have a fierce competitor and that competitor is Freeswitch.

Freeswitch Basics:

One game changing aspect of Freeswitch is the same price range for the end user as Asterisk. So this means the SMB (Small Medium Business) community can now take advantage for enterprise grade features and reliability for their business VoIP solution at a fraction of the cost compared to taking on Broadsoft.

Did you hear what I just said?

Yes, you heard correctly. If you are like BNCVoice, always pushing for better solutions for your customers then you already know about this and we should network with each other.

Now that you have a little bit of a background on what is going on, let’s dig into the “5 Reasons to Choose a VoIP Provider with Geo-Redundancy”.

Reason # 1

  • Dial tone… plain and simple. At the end of the day you need dial tone to run your business effectively and hassle free. Who wants to deal with phone outages in some cases multiple times a year? No one does. Dial Tone is the absolute number one reason to choose a VoIP Provider with geo-redundancy.

Reason # 2

  • You are now future proofed. If you go with a VoIP Provider such as BNCVoice you will know 100% that if this company has geo-redundancy then they will 99% of the time also have any feature you currently have and likely even more.

Reason # 3

  • Peace of mind knowing that even if your VoIP Provider has an entire data center fail for whatever reason that you won’t even lose the call you are on. How is that for uptime? Pretty perfect if you ask me.

Reason # 4

  • More focus on your business and less time having to deal with the very system that is supposed to make your life and business easier to run. Stop stressing and focus on growth of your business not spotty phone systems. I mean honestly, who wants to deal with a support helpdesk all the time?

Reason # 5

  • Geo-Redundancy is a much better environment for mobile users and a full UCaas (Unified Communication as a Service). It is nearly impossible to take advantage of a full UCaas environment, which is becoming the norm, without geo-redundancy. It just doesn’t work and just isn’t reliable.


As you can see there is a lot more to choosing a great VoIP Provider than you would expect. You can also see that a lot more goes into VoIP in general and we aren’t even touching the surface. In the end you need to make sure you buy into a VoIP system that is built on a geo-redundant network. BNCVoice saw the writing on the wall and worked with White Label Communcations to make this happen. Our customers that are on our geo-redundant network enjoy nearly 100% uptime year after year along with many other features such as voice encryption for security and compliance. Want more information? Contact us at or call us at 914-290-4250.