New Growth. New Vision…

Where to start…

BNCVoice has come a long way in the past twelve years. New Growth is the name of the game for any business. It’s been an amazing journey from start to finish for the savvy local technology provider.

Ask Tom Jacobs, the CEO and Founder of BNCVoice. From creating the largest long distance company in the united states to VoIP overnight!

Many new VoIP providers don’t realize the state of what VoIP was just 10 years ago and how hard it was to just get by…

…really, let me explain.

As a CEO of one of the largest long distance company with over 220,000 customers pre-internet to VoIP pioneer, let’s take a look.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard of a CEO of a company being customer service, tech, installer and sales? Probably not right? Right, well what would make an extremely successful business owner go back to pawn status?

Could it be:

– Humble Beginnings?

– Absolute Vision?

– A Never Give Up Mentality?

– A Need To Understand All Aspects Of A Business?

– Being A Risk Taker?

– A Passion For Helping People And Their Business Needs?

– Or Just Simply A Natural Born Leader?

What if I told you all of the above and them 1000 fold…

No Seriously, why is BNCVoice and Tom Jacobs different? Who cares, it’s just phones right?

Wrong! The reason so many companies do business with BNCVoice and Tom Jacobs is because people do business with people that they like and trust. Now let’s take it a step further…

Ok that’s great but nothing new. There are thousands if not millions of businesses with the same story. If this is what you are thinking then you are exactly right. Are you ready now for the difference?

It’s a very simple equation…

Knowledge + Dedication + Amazing People = Success

The Growth

BNCVoice took a new vision on in February of 2017 and hasn’t looked back. In 2014 BNCVoice turned into BNCVoice & Data due to the overwhelming requests for BNCVoice support as we had outperformed Customer IT companies in response and time to resolution.

In time BNCVoice realized that they we needed to concentrate on what we were best at and that was Cloud VoIP solutions and Support. Still to this day, support is what BNCVoice is known for in the industry.

With the new vision within the company, BNCVoice is growing like never before. Within the past 90 days we have grown over 30 accounts totaling over 600 seats and reaching 4 new states.

This is very exciting as month after month BNCVoice has been growing throughout the years from a local, to state, to regional, to now national VoIP provider without sacrificing customer service and tech support. It’s a very beautiful thing!

The Verdict

In the end, the winners are those who can “see the light through the forest” – Tom Jacobs, along with never giving up no matter what obstacles are thrown in front of you. The reason this is so important is because BNCVoice is more than a company that is just growing. BNCVoice is a company that is backed by some of the most genuine, hard working, skilled people you will ever meet within their field and have adopted the Tom Jacobs mentality of never giving up and making sure all of our parters are ok before anything else.