BNCVoice’s Geo-Redundant Secure VoIP Network is Turning Heads

PEEKSKILL, NY, Sept. 23, 2017: BNCVoice introduces an end-to-end, geo-redundant, and encrypted VoIP network partnership with White Label Communications (WLC) in Exton, PA. We now provide a high uptime Geo-Redundant, Z-RTP voice encrypted network from the IP Phone through the VoIP network as a standard for voice stream security and quality of service.

BNCVoice is addressing a vulnerable aspect of VoIP service offerings, which has become too comfortable for professional services companies and their IT support organizations. “Cyber security focus on data networks has been at the forefront for several years now and phone networks are sometimes put on the back burner”, states BNCVoice CEO Thomas Jacobs. He adds, “We at BNCVoice disagree with that approach and decided to get ahead of the curve with a high quality of service, regulatory compliant, affordable secure VoIP service for our customers”.

The WLC/BNC partnership has opened up other opportunities for security services at more affordable prices. On top of geo-redundancy and encryption is Software Defined-Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) as we have touched briefly on. This has not been an affordable service for many small to medium size professional services companies until now. BNCVoice will be rolling out a virtual SD-WAN service in the next few weeks that offers an affordable, high quality, high security, and compliant environment for our SMB customers.  Combine that with our secure HTTPS faxing and encrypted eFax and Email document management tool for a complete suite of security services.

“The BNCVoice partnership has opened up discussions and forward thinking for quality and security elements that have not been addressed until now”, says White Label Communications CTO Chris Griffith. He goes on to say, “We at White Label are fully on board with this vision and are moving forward quickly to satisfy the requirements to provide an SD-WAN environment added to our Z-RTP network for unprecedented service opportunities for BNCVoice and all of our partners.