Unified Communications (UC) is one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. UC can also be understood as products or services that integrate communication channels in order to optimize all business processes. The ability to effectively communicate with employees and consumers creates synergy in all operations processes. It also enhances the consumers overall experience.

Some examples of UC channels are IP telephony, instant- messaging, video conferences, call control, voicemail, mobility, and collaboration platforms. All of which have the same end goal; to synchronize all available avenues of communication in the simplest possible way.

Within a business, UC tools have astronomical value. UC solutions combine real-time and non-real -time communications so that employees can access a project and collaborate with each other very easily from remote locations. When we here at BNC talk about “coaching you to technology efficiency” we mean exactly that!

BNC strives to provide the solution of simplicity and accessibility to help you have a competitive advantage in the market.  Being able to facilitate this intricate level of communication enhances the enterprises efficiency. The end result from a successful combination of UC solutions will benefit three major areas:


  1. Operations:
    • Reduction in IT management and travel costs
  2. Productivity:
    • Improve sales and production cycles through organized communication
    • Faster decision making processes allow innovative growth
  3. Strategy:
    • Support organizational and operational decisions by management through collaboration, innovation and improved customer contact


As a result of these of these benefits businesses can see significant improvements in teamwork, project management, problem resolution, decision making processes, and customer experience/satisfaction. One of the most important factors in how effective these UC solutions can be is relative to the system as a whole.


The system or network in place must be able to support all these different avenues efficiently. As new technology becomes available these systems must be adaptive and strive to meet the needs of the business and the consumer. With rapid growing millennial run business, technology improvement, and simple corporate evolution, YOU must stay ahead of the curve and beat the competition to the finish line. BNCVoice strives to provide clients of all forms the ability to progress and trump the competition through their efficient use of technology.